What happened?

Our hearts are broken over the devastating loss of our house of worship, but we are excited about what God is going to do in each of us through this experience. The fire on Nov. 13, 2016 has resulted in what looks to be a total loss, but we are still waiting on the reports from the insurance company. The reason for the fire is unknown still. All governing bodies have been in to investigate and we are still waiting on reports from insurance. The bottom line for all of us is that God has shown Himself to be faithful and He calls us to trust Him even in all of this. I am trusting Him. I welcome you to join me and together let's keep our eyes on Jesus.
Pastor John Crane

What are we doing?

First, our leadership is working hard to secure a home for our church family To give us time to look for an alternate space during this time of transition, for the next four weeks (Nov. 20 - Dec. 11) we are going to meet at the Shawnee Nieman Elementary School at 10917 W 67th St, Shawnee, KS 66203. Our Sunday service time is 10 am on Sunday mornings only. During this four week time (Nov. 20-Dec. 11, 2016), we will be looking for a new space for the next few months. We’re used to having Wednesday morning services, Wednesday evening services, two Sunday services and other weekly home fellowship groups. Because we can no longer hold Wednesday services and have scaled back to one Sunday service, it’s imperative that our church family reach out to one another even more during this time. I encourage you to find new ways to connect and extend yourselves to your neighbors, too!

For our church and community:

As we move forward in the hours and days ahead, we will keep you informed through our deacons, elders, pastors and via our Facebook page and website. Please use these internet tools to help us get information to you. As we mentioned on Sunday, we also need you to review and approve or update your personal contact information at church. If you haven’t done this, please do. We need to be able to reach you efficiently via email, phone, etc.

Our Story

Located in the heart of Kansas City for over 50 years, Evangelistic Center Church’s greatest desire has always been to share God’s love and compassion with everyone. Evangelistic Center Church was founded on the idea of an interactive relationship with God and our community, and we want everyone to join in knowing, feeling, and sharing God’s love locally and globally.

Our Pastor

In 1989, John Crane (one of Standlee and Roberta’s three children), stepped up to assume the role as lead pastor. He was 24 years old at the time but had been given prophetic words and had been trained under his grandfather, father and mother. John has a heart of a father and has been entrusted to lead this ministry.

Our Emphasis

Evangelistic Center focuses on helping each person know that he/she can hear God’s voice and have a personal relationship with Him. The church is known for its strong emphasis on worship and allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit to be present in all that we do.

Our Founders

The church was founded in 1956 by Pastor A.J. & Margaret Rowden at 1912 Linwood Blvd. in Kansas City. The next location was at 34th and Michigan in Kansas City, MO. In January, 1956 the first service was held at 1024 Truman Road in Kansas City, MO.

Standlee Crane, Pastor A.J. Rowden’s son-in-law became the next pastor until his untimely death on July 4, 1981. Standlee’s wife, Roberta Crane, picked up the reigns and was lead pastor for many years. Roberta was a wonderful, vibrant worshipper and leader for many years. She was a remarkable and gifted pastor to so many and a gifted musician. She wrote hundreds of songs, produced albums and was even featured with Bill and Gloria Gaither.